hokify ATS Api

General Notes

To authenticate against the API, you have to get a mandator-Id and a token. To request access please write an email to: api@hokify.com including: technical contact email, company name and how many jobs published / month (estimated)

After you got the credentials, you have to authenticate through a oauth2 flow (see examples or swagger file).

The API checks the "accept-language" header in all requests, if it's missing it assumes "de" for German.

API Endpoints:

Test Environment https://test.hokify.com/ats-api/

Production Environment https://hokify.com/ats-api/

hokify outgoing IP addresses for firewall allowlist:




Swagger Definition

To explore and try our api you can go to https://editor.swagger.io/?url=https://hokify.com/ats-api/openapi.yaml

You can download the concrete definitions file from https://hokify.com/ats-api/openapi.yaml .

Learn how to generate a client for your project at https://swagger.io/swagger-codegen/.