XML feed import

Import jobs to hokify via XML feed

To automatically post your job ads on hokify, we can fetch them from an XML feed that you provide us.

XML feed details:

You can provide an XML feed with your jobs. It has to be reachable via a publically available URL and contain all data to the individual job ads.
If it can be opened by visiting the URL with any web-browser, our server can most certainly process the XML feed.

Job details:

The minimum details required for a job are the following fields:

  • ID: an unique identifier to this job.

  • name: job title for the ad **

  • address: for the localization of the jobs (jobs are highlighted in the respective environment of the user)

  • description: the actual job ad text

  • category: a categorization of this job (which field of work this job is (e.g. "Elektrotechniker", "Verkäufer_in", "Softwareentwickler", ...). Will be matched with our scheme of job categories once before publication.
    Hint: the preciser the better - don't use "Gastronomie" but rather "Koch/Köchin", "KellnerIn", "Chef de Partie" for example.

Additional information that is advisable:

  • salary: to filter for the applicants (also legally required for job ads in Austria)

  • company name: if you offer jobs under different company names, you can provide them here to distinguish them in our system.

  • contact e-mail: if you would like us to send applications for different jobs to different recipients, you can add a contact e-mail address to each job!

  • type: whether the job is offered as full time, part time, internship or marginal position.

  • job listing url: we can check your jobs manually if you add a link to your website or wherever you advertise your job. (this is for internal use only, to allow hokify to see your actual job ad as a reference. The job-listing url can not be shown in the ad on our platform or forwarded to the applicants!)

(All additional information you provide raises job-ad quality and increases the discoverability of your job.)

**) the job-title CAN also be used to classify your job and match it with our scheme of job categories - if we receive the job category within your feed, the matching can be done faster.

Job creation process:

The lifespan of a job revolves around the central element: its ID. (hokify-internally known as "sourceId" as it comes from you, or something in your possession: the source of each job.)

We need a unique ID so that we and you in the system can find the jobs again.

  • A new job ad on hokify will get created if your XML feed contains an object with a new ID. This ID can be anything you want - either any identifier from the software you use, or a simple consecutive number, or a random code you assign to a job. The ID can really be any alphanumerical string. It will only be used internally.

  • If you change any detail (for example, the text of the description) but it still has the same ID, the job ad will be updated as soon as our sever re-visits your XML feed and we process the jobs again.

  • When your XML file no longer contains a job with an ID we know, the job is unpublished automatically whenever the XML feed is fetched. There is no need to explicitly remove a job from the platform.

(Similar to creating any data in any software, these IDs must not be re-used for different jobs!)

XML feed example:

You do not need to follow an exact format for your XML feed to be able to use it with our services! Our example "feed" should provide a guideline for you and contains all details mentioned above:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>




<company>hokify GmbH</company>

<title>Technical Customer Support Management (m/w/d)</title>



<![CDATA[<p>hokify - die mobile Job-Plattform gilt mit über 5,5 Millionen aktiven NutzerInnen pro Jahr als der absolute Vorreiter für Mobile und Social Media Recruiting im deutschsprachigen Raum.</p>

<p>Als stark wachsendes Scale-Up, mit über 80 Mitarbeitern, 45.000 registrierten Unternehmen im DACH Raum und monatlich über 750.000 Jobsuchenden, suchen wir Personen, die unsere Begeisterung für Tech und Innovationen teilen und motiviert sind in einem dynamischen Team ambitionierte Ziele zu erreichen.</p>



<li>Du bist die erste Ansprechperson für unsere KundInnen und repräsentierst unser Unternehmen nach außen</li>

<li>Du dokumentierst die Kundenanfragen und sorgst für eine lückenlose Datenpflege sowie –verwaltung</li>




<li>Du hast eine abgeschlossene Ausbildung</li>

<li>Idealerweise hast du erste Berufserfahrung in einem ähnlichen Bereich/im Umfeld eines Tech-Startups</li>

<li>Du bist ein Kommunikationstalent und verfügst über eine hervorragende schriftliche und mündliche Ausdrucksweise</li>


<h2>WAS WIR BIETEN:</h2>


<li>Die Mitarbeit im besten Team der Welt und Start up Spirit vom Feinsten</li>

<li>Kurze Entscheidungswege und somit rasche Umsetzung von neuen Ideen</li>

<li>Moderne Führungskultur und flexible Arbeitsgestaltung</li>

<li>Umfassendes Onboarding und eine strukturierte Einarbeitung</li>

<li>Monatliches Company Update mit Frühstück</li>

<li>Home Office Möglichkeit nach Einschulungsphase</li>




<li>ab 1.890,-€ brutto/Monat (auf Basis von 38,5 Wochenstunden) - Überzahlung ist je nach Erfahrung und Qualifikation möglich</li>


<p>Du möchtest den weiteren, erfolgreichen Weg mit hokify gehen und mitgestalten?</p>

<p>Dann freuen wir uns auf deine Bewerbung!</p>]]>



<wage>ab 1.890,-€ brutto/Monat</wage>


<street>Jakov-Lind-Straße 2</street>










<company>hokify GmbH</company>

<title>Typescript Developer (Focus Backend)</title>



<![CDATA[<p>We are looking for a backend enthusiastic Javascript developer who is willing to contribute to the further development of hokify. You are in direct contact with the management, project managers and all other developers.</p>

<p>hokify is the largest mobile job platform in Austria. Our mission is: We put good people into good jobs in the fastest, easiest and the most enjoyable way.</p>

<h2>YOUR TASKS:</h2>


<li>Development of the hokify backend</li>

<li>Implement new features</li>

<li>Detect and fix bugs with an understanding of the infrastructure (e.g. analyze database query performance)</li>

<li>Optimize / improve / expand / renew software stack</li>


<h2>YOUR SKILLS:</h2>


<li>Job Experience in the Javascript area</li>

<li>Great knowledge of Javascript</li>

<li>Advantage: other modern scripting languages and programming concepts (e.g. Typescript, Dependency Injection,.. )</li>

<li>Completed studies or equivalent training (with a technical background) or self-taught with a passion for clean code</li>

<li>Motivation to learn new things quickly and enthusiasm for challenges</li>

<li>Pro-activity, optimism and hands-on mentality</li>




<li>Startup spirit at its finest!</li>

<li>We are always open to new technologies, and everyone can actively contribute.</li>

<li>We currently have up to around 750,000 monthly unique visitors - so your ideas, implementations, features and optimizations will be seen by quite some people</li>

<li>Team - young and ambitious colleagues as well as great parties</li>

<li>Fair salary (your actual payment depends on your qualifications and experience and will be discussed with you personally)</li>

<li>Speed, fast cycles! Rapid development and experience - get to know different facets of a startup</li>

<li>Office in the heart of Vienna - directly at Praterstern (U1, U2, S-Bahn,..)</li>

<li>Benefit from short coordination paths and faster implementation of ideas</li>

<li>Free Lunch</li>

<li>Weekly fruit basket</li>

<li>Coffee for free (also with oat milk ;-))</li>

<li>Home office option</li>

<li>Flexible working hours (trust working hours)</li>


<p>You think you have what is required to take hokify to the next level with us? Then we look forward to receiving your application!</p>]]>


<type>Full time</type>

<wage>Kollektiv ab 2.302 € brutto/Monat</wage>


<street>Jakov-Lind-Straße 2</street>









Notes to this example "feed":

  • You can use any wording for the "type" as input to our system. This will be matched with our available job types during the import steps.

  • The wage field can contain not just a number but different durations (hourly, monthly, yearly) and an accurate description. (e.g. "ab 2.300 Euro brutto/Monat", "€ 13,37 pro Stunde") - please be aware, that the format has to adhere to the law applicable per Country

  • We could get applications delivered to a different e-mail-recipient with this XML feed using the different "contact" email addresses.

  • The description can be HTML that will be parsed, or plain text with line breaks and HEADINGS written in ALL CAPS that will also get transformed.

  • Since the company is the same for both jobs, this field would be optional.

  • The address can be supplied using details, or as a simple address string (<address>Jakov-Lind-Str. 2, 1020 Wien</address>) or by just using the ZIP-code and city. Just using the area (Bundesland) or country is not enough!

Pro-tips from our dev-team:

(Features of your XML feed that are nice to have and make our lives easier 😉)

  • Text can be wrapped in <![CDATA[ ... ]]> sections for more guaranteed compatibility. For HTML content at least, this is recommended practice.

  • If your setup can export the job-ad description in distinct blocks (e.g. "<intro>", "<description>", "<benefits>"...) we can also use it and build our description from multiple blocks. Just contact our customer success team to discuss the order you would like.

  • You can use anything as the "ID" of your jobs - it just has to be unique and must not be re-used for a different job afterwards! However, if you update any part of an existing job (for example in the description text), the same job in our system will be updated as well with the new data.

  • Should you already have an XML feed for another purpose, feel free to send it to us to have a look. We might be able to re-use it.