eRecruiter Setup Instructions

hokify has a complete integration to erecrutier (ePunkt), which allows to:

- publish and synchronize jobs

- unpublish / remove jobs

- sends new applications to erecruiter

- delivers notifications to the applicant's mobile phone

To set this up, please contact sales (

ERecruiter Setup

  1. Add new "Portal" for "hokify" (channel)

  2. add a new “Bewerberdokumententypen” in erecruiter called “Bewerberinfo” Administration (right top corner) -> Bewerber -> Bewerberdokumententypen:

We access the following API routes:

Use Case / Funktion

API Call (inkl. Query Parameter)

  • load application: GET API/Applications/{applicantId}?culture={language}

  • load portal settings: GET API/Mandator?uri={portal|channel}

  • load application: GET API/PublishedJobs?channel={channel}&culture={language}

  • load questionaires: GET API/Questionnaire/ByJob/{erecruiterId}?culture={erecruiterCulture}

  • load access token: POST API/

  • upload application and add conversation: POST API/Application/{applicationId}

  • upload questionaire answers: PUT API/Applicant/{applicantId}/CustomField

  • upload CV: PUT Api/Applicant/Cv/{applicantId}

  • upload other documents: PUT Api/Applicant/Document/{applicantId}

  • upload education: PUT API/Applicant/Education/{applicantId}

  • upload experience: PUT API/Applicant/Experience/{applicantId}

  • upload applicant photo: PUT API/Applicant/Photo/{applicantId}

  • upload motivation: PUT API/Applicant?sendApplicationEmail=false&url={portal}

  • upload application: PUT API/Applicant?sendRegistrationEmail={registrationEmail|false}&url={portal}