Reference: Application Data

Application Data

To retrieve current applications for your mandator, you can call /application/latestApplications or any other application endpoint (/application/getAllApplications,..) see Swagger

Depending on the endpoint it returns either a list of new applications or applications grouped by jobs / relations.

The format looks like this:

"relationType": "job", // or companay

"relationId": "jobId or companyId",

"sourceId": "optional provided source id to re-identify the object on client side",

"application(s)": // this is either an array or an object depending on the used endpoint


"_id": "matchId/Applicationid",



If you upgrade from the old api:

  • job id: is relationId

  • match id: is application(s)._id


The endpoints can be filterted by startTime, endTime in UTC format to specify a timespan to filter the applications and offset and limit.

Code example

We will now use our swagger client to get all applications. For this we need to be authenticated as described in Tutorial 1 - Create a job.


The output from the call to latestApplications looks similar to:

Data fields overview:

  • User

    • Profilpicture: application.user.images

    • User Basic Profile Data: application.user.general (Firstname, lastname, email,...)

    • Uploaded Files: application.user.extras

    • Structured CV Data (Optional): application.user.cvInfo

      • experiences

      • educations

      • skills

  • Interview Questions with answers: applicaiton.interviewQuestions

    • question

    • currentAnswer