Reference: Application Data

Application Data

To retrieve current applications for your mandator, you can call /get-all-applications-extern.

It returns following basic data of each application and all other data that is required (set by requiredFields) by the job (e.g. CV,..):

  • job id
  • source id (if specified)
  • user id
  • unique application id (Match id)
  • name
  • original mail
  • hokify mail
  • phone
  • PDF (Answers) URL
  • birthday (if available)
  • gender (if available)
  • nationality (if available)
  • date/ time of the application


The endpoint /get-all-applications-extern takes the get parameters startTime and endTime in UTC format to specify a timespan to filter the applications.

Code example

We will now use our swagger client to get all applications. For this we need to be authenticated as described in Tutorial 1 - Create a job.


The output from the call to /get-all-applications-extern after an application looks similar to: